Supporting junior doctors in the regions

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For many rural doctors the sometimes fuzzy line between the personal and the professional is one they navigate every day.

There are advantages too of course: you are a valued member of a community which, for the most part, is incredibly grateful for the service you provide.

But with stories abounding of long days and the difficulty in obtaining locums in some parts of Australia, how can we ensure our doctors, particularly junior doctors, outside our big cities don't get burnt out and want to stay?

Lucie Walters is a doctor based in Mt Gambier and professor of rural postgraduate Medical Education, Flinders University. She is also the immediate past president of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and has conducted research looking at the resilience of junior doctors in regional Australia.

Justin Azzopardi is a junior doctor who is doing a a residency at Brisbane's Redlands Hospital. He hopes to move to the regions once his training is complete.


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