More than $6M going to connect rural areas with broadband internet

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TRI-STATE (WFIE) - More than $6 million will be pumped into the Tri-State to connect rural areas with broadband internet service.

That’s nearly half the money the FCC is granting to the state of Indiana.

Dubois, Spencer, and Pike counties will each get grants to expand broadband infrastructure over the next ten years.

That means more than just faster downloads and video streaming.

Just days ago Doctor David Hess, a stroke specialist and the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia testified on Capitol Hill, who says broadband is especially important for medical specialists in cities to reach rural patients.

“One of the big problems of rural America is lack of broadband," said Dr. David Hess. “And, so patients in rural areas and people in rural areas. My case-patients, because I, I’m a, I’m a physician, don’t have access to the Internet and, and you know, can’t get on the web and can’t serve, can’t get medical information. So the more broadband access we have, we can serve our patients better in rural areas.”

The FCC says the $6.3 million coming to Dubois, Spencer and Pike counties will help build broadband infrastructure to more than 3,000 locations.


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